Old Winter Garden Road

The Old Winter Garden Road median landscape refresh project included installation of new landscaping and concrete in the medians, giving them a fresh look. This project was done in two phases. The first phase addressed the medians between Maguire Road and S. Blackwood Avenue and the second phase continued the landscape theme from S. Blackwood Avenue east to Hempel Avenue. 

The first step in both phases included the removal of all old plant material and 6” of the existing dirt. A prepared planting mix was then installed to promote strong growth of the new plantings. The irrigation was redesigned and installed from a single point system to three (3) zones; one for turf, one for shrubs and one for trees/palms. This, along with the placement of plants that have similar watering requirements, met the City’s goals for water conservation in the landscape. 

The project was designed the City’s in-house Design Studio and installed by BrightView Landscape Services.

Phase 1 Status: Completed November 2018
Phase 1 Cost: $154,899

Phase 2 Status: Completed May 2019
Phase 2 Cost: $211,251

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