CRA Description

The following information summarizes the Description, Purpose and Vision of the Ocoee Redevelopment Agency (CRA) and the Ocoee Community Redevelopment District, including a map of the District’s boundaries.


Established in 2006, the Ocoee Community Redevelopment District, now known as Fifty West, encompasses 1,070 acres along the State Road 50 corridor. The activities and programs offered within Fifty West are administered by the CRA; a seven-member board. The CRA Board consists of the five members of the Ocoee City Commission and two individuals appointed by the City Commission, one being nominated by Orange County.

The CRA Board implements City policy regarding redevelopment and the expenditure of funds received by the Agency from local taxing authorities. Redevelopment revenues are derived from incremental financing. The CRA has the ability to implement programs and projects that local governments may not, such as leveraging local public funds with private dollars. The Community Redevelopment District is set to sunset in 2036; however, it may be extended to 2046 by local action. Any funds remaining in the CRA trust fund on the sunset date will be returned to the contributing taxing authorities.


The purpose of the Ocoee Community Redevelopment Agency is to formulate a workable program using appropriate private and public resources to eliminate and prevent the development or spread of blighted areas within the Fifty West Redevelopment District consistent with the adopted Community Redevelopment Plan.

Fifty West is a vital component of the area and represents an opportunity for the City to revitalize the community with the creation of jobs, new infrastructure, beautification projects, new and redeveloped commercial, retail and housing options, and by improving the quality of life through lifestyle choices for residents and business owners. The Fifty West Community Redevelopment Plan and subsequent planning initiatives such as the Target Areas Special Development Plan provides solutions related to land use planning, infrastructure and services, land development regulations, economic development, and aesthetic design to improve the vitality of the Redevelopment District and promote Fifty West as a "destination place."

Vision Statement

The future for Ocoee’s Fifty West Redevelopment District includes centers of vibrant, urban, mixed-use development that provides enhanced pedestrian and automobile connectivity, flexible land uses, a diverse economic base, a mix of housing types, a shared responsibility of infrastructure financing, public open space and parks, creating an enhanced image and contemporary development form.

Boundaries/Land Use

The CRA boundaries run along SR 50 from the SR 429 to Clarke Road and Geneva/Story Road to Old Winter Garden Road, and the existing land uses are presented in the map below.

Community Redevelopment Agency
Ocoee Map