Online Record Searches via Conduits

The City of Ocoee now provides online record searches for potential issues related to real estate, such as past due utility bills, code violations, and open building permits. These searches are provided through a third party software, called Conduits™, owned by Net Assets Corporation, which maintains a database of the city’s potential liens and outstanding debts owed to the city by property owners. It is no longer required for you to come to City Hall or write to the City Clerk seeking this information. All you need to do is create an online account, setup your payment details, and start the search.

The cost for each search is $125. You will receive a response electronically without waiting for staff to manually go through old records. The search for each parcel remains active for 45 days. At the present time, each Conduits™ search may find records related to building permits, outstanding utility bills, and code enforcement actions. Code Enforcement records may be one of three types:


City expenditures that addressed recognized nuisances, as defined in Chapter 115 of the City Code. When the property owner fails to act within the required time period, the city undertakes to eliminate the nuisance and sends a bill for the work to the property owner. If the bill is not paid within 30 days, a lien is filed and interest at a rate of 18%, compounded annually, begins to accrue.

Violations with Fines

Other violations of City Code go through a multi-step adjudication process that can result in fines being levied on the property to encourage compliance with City Code. Daily fines accrue until the property is brought into compliance. Some properties may receive a fixed fine. Citations may have been issued for a parcel that has not yet gone through the adjudication process. These citations do not currently appear in Conduits™ reports.


The city manager has the authority, within specified limits, to negotiate a settlement agreement to settle outstanding fines and abatements.  Some agreements provide for payments to be made over time.

To access Conduits™ and begin your search, click the box below showing your acceptance of the Term of Service. If you do not already have an account, you will need to first establish one before using Conduits™. For assistance with this online service, contact the vendor, Net Assets Corp., via telephone at 541-485-8876 or via email at

Special Notice Regarding Lien Searches

Although many people refer to the city’s records for outstanding debts and other issues associated with real property, real property is subject to different types of liens outside the city’s regulations. Vendors and contractors may file separate liens against real property; such lien searches must be conducted through the Orange County Comptroller, Official Records. Please visit the Orange County Comptroller website for further assistance.

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