POWR Program


Protect Ocoee's Water Resources (POWR) was designed not only to educate the community about water conservation, but also to inform residents about the importance of Florida’s precious water resources. The name POWR was developed to bring about a common goal among all of Ocoee’s residents. So, every time you see the POWR logo, remember to Protect Ocoee’s Water Resources.


Distributing Water Resources

The St. Johns River Water Management District (SJRWMD) looks at each city’s population, growth rate, periodic droughts, and other factors when determining the maximum amount of water they should be drawing from the ground. Ocoee is just one of many cities with whom SJRWMD is working to reduce its water consumption. Simply put, we use too much water. The City of Ocoee has embraced the efforts of SJRWMD; City officials and staff want Ocoee to set the example for water conservation within the District.


Our goal is to have each family or business reduce its consumption. We hope you will take the challenge and make the commitment to Protect Ocoee's Water Resources. We believe if every Ocoee customer changes just one habit in an effort to save a little water every day, we can make a difference not only today, but for future generations.

So take the time to decide which one small habit you can change and be a part of the solution!