Minor Accidents

Did you know you can self report a traffic crash in the State of Florida, if it is a minor crash, under $500 in damage and without any injuries? Drivers can save time and postage by completing the form online. The simple-to-use online questionnaire will guide you or the driver through the completion of the report. Once completed, a copy of the Driver Self Report of Traffic Crash can be saved or printed for the driver’s record keeping convenience. It’s fast, simple to use, and the on-line process eliminates paperwork for the officer on scene, OR You may download and complete the same report for insurance purposes.

In severe weather
Once winds reach 45mph, our officers will not be responding to traffic crashes. Once it is safe to do so, officers will resume response to traffic crashes. During this time, please use the below link to report traffic crashes, under $500 in damages and without any injuries.

Here are some steps to take if you were involved in a minor accident (PDF).

Deaths in Accidents

Some reasons why motorists die in crashes in the City of Ocoee:

  • Driving under the influence
  • Not wearing seat belts
  • Speeding