Crime Statistics

Ocoee Police Department's Uniform Crime Reports

Compiled by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) based on Uniform Crime Reports (UCR) provided by only Florida law enforcement agencies from 1994 to present. Cities and counties are required to file a semi-annual and annual report with FDLE that lists Offense and Arrest Data.

UCR is a statistical crime reporting tool that is designed to describe increases and decreases in reportable crime on a national level, not the local jurisdictional level. It is designed as "trend data" to measure crime in America and only reports certain crimes. 

Orange County Uniform Crime Reports

FDLE also compiles similar Offense and Arrest data on a county-wide basis so that changes in Part 1 offenses or arrests can be compared by city or county. FDLE also created a Total Crime Index for each city and county that combines all offenses into a single number for comparison reasons.

View the Orange County Crime Reports online.