Budget Adoption Process

The annual budget process for the city usually begins in March. Budget requests are due from the departments by the middle of May. The City Manager and Finance Budget Team then meet with the departments and review their requests. A cumulative proposed budget is prepared and submitted to the City Commission.

Adopted 2023-2024 Budget Reports

Budget Workshops

Workshops are held in August and provide the commission opportunities to discuss the Tentative Budget and make changes. Two public hearings are held in September. Citizens may comment on the proposed budget during these hearings. The budget is formally adopted at the second hearing.

Reason for Having a Budget

The budget provides a mechanism for planning and coordinating. It is used to provide information and evaluate the operating costs for the city. Comparing the budget to actual provides a method of accountability for public resources.

Budget Report Online for Review

Annual budgets are available for review. These reports have been tested with Microsoft Edge and/or NV Access (an open-source, free, high-quality screen reader, accessible to all).

Budget Workshops and Public Hearings

Annual meetings held during budget hearings where the City Commission talks out the upcoming budget.

Budget Hearings

Dates will be posted on the Budget Workshops Hearings page when the next budget hearing will be held. We want to hear from you! The city will hold two public hearings before finalizing the budget. The hearings will be televised on Ocoee TV and Spectrum Channel 493