The annexation process brings properties located in unincorporated Orange County into the City of Ocoee. Annexation will result in the properties being taxed by the city, and allow the property owners or residents to participate in the benefits and services provided by the city.

Development Services' Planning Division processes annexation requests.

Policies & Procedures

City policy for annexations is contained in Policy 2.5 of the Future Land Use Element (PDF) of the Ocoee Comprehensive Plan:

The city shall consider requests for voluntary annexation into the city when those lands are logical extensions of the existing city limits, when services can be properly provided, and when proposed uses are compatible with the city's Comprehensive Plan, the JPA Agreement, and the city's Annexation Policy. For the purpose of this Policy, an annexation shall be considered as a logical extension if it is within the limits of the JPA and meets the technical criteria of Chapter 171, Florida Statutes. The boundaries of the JPA are illustrated on the Future Land Use Map. Services will be considered as being properly provided if the existing or planned public facilities can support the land uses and densities proposed in the area to be annexed consistent with the level of service standards set forth in this plan (9J-56 (3)(c)(3), FAC).

The city's procedure for annexation is contained in the Land Development Code Subsection 5-9.

Applications & Fees

The necessary applications for annexation are as follows:

The annexation applications above may require additional forms depending on the individual circumstances of each property requesting annexation. For additional information, concerning your individual circumstances, contact the Planning Division at 407-905-3157.

The annexation fees along with all other development review fees can be found in the Development Review Fees (PDF).

State Requirements

This local procedure must be consistent with the requirements of the State of Florida contained in Chapter 171, Florida Statutes.