March 2021 City of Ocoee General Election

An election was held Tuesday, March 9, 2021, in the City of Ocoee for the purpose of electing one (1) City Commissioner for District #2 and one (1) City Commissioner for District #4 for a four-year term.

Election Official Results*:

*For the most updated information, please see Orange County Supervisor of Elections 2021 Municipal Election Official Results 

Candidates for District #2 Commissioner 

  • Rosemary Wilsen (Incumbent)        758 votes                   73.52%
  • Knox Anderson                                   273 votes                     26.48%

Candidates for District #4 Commissioner 

  • George Oliver III (Incumbent)          745 votes                   56.18%
  • Lori Hart                                               208 votes                   15.69%
  • Joel F. Keller                                        337 votes                    25.41%
  • Keith Richardson                                   36 votes                    02.71%

Sample Ballots for March 2021 Election

Sample Ballot - District 2 (PDF)

Sample Ballot - District 4 (PDF)

Election Public Notices

Canvassing Board/Audit Team Meeting Notice (PDF)

Canvassing Board Ad - English (PDF)

Canvassing Board Ad - Spanish (PDF)

Sample Ballot Ad -English (PDF)

Sample Ballot Ad - Spanish (PDF)

Public Test Ad - English (PDF)

Public Test Ad - Spanish (PDF)

Election Qualifying Ad - English

Election Qualifying Ad - Spanish

Candidate and financial report information will be posted as they are filed with the City Clerk.

Campaign Treasurer's Report Summary:

District #2 Commissioner Candidates
Rosemary Wilsen - G1 (PDF) G2 (PDF), G3 (PDF) TRG (PDF)
Knox Anderson - G1 (PDF) G2 (PDF), G3 (PDF)

District #4 Commissioner Candidates
George Oliver IIIM12 (PDF), G1 (PDF), G1 Amendment (PDF) G2 (PDF), G3(PDF)
Lori Hart - M12 (PDF), G1 (PDF) G2 (PDF), G3 (PDF)
Joel F. Keller - G1 (PDF) G2 (PDF), G3 (PDF)
Keith Richardson - M12 (PDF), G1 (PDF) G2 (PDF), G3 (PDF)

March 2023 City of Ocoee General Election