City Cemetery

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Should you need assistance with locating the space for a loved one, friend, or need general cemetery information, please access Cemify using the link below and begin your search; or if you would like to set an appointment, please contact the Office of the City Clerk at 407-905-3105.

Burial Spaces

At this time there are no cemetery plots available for sale. Columbarium Niches, for those who have chosen cremation, are available. Prices for both options are as follows:

Product or ServiceNon-resident PriceResident Price
Purchase Cemetery Plot$1,200$800
Reserve Columbarium Niche$1,500$1,000
Permit to Install Monument$50$50
Transfer burial right to another person$25$15
Record a burial right or niche reservation with Orange County Records$35$35

Service Arrangements

Fees for the preparation of the site are as follows:

Open and Close Adult Grave$890
Open and Close Urn Vault$370
Open and Close Infant Grave$370
Set-up for Service with Interment$195
Set-up for Service without Interment$230

Open and Close Each Grave$890
Handling within One Cemetery$325
Handling between Two Cemeteries$520

Open and Close Niche$360
Set-up for Service as Part of Inurnment$195
Set-up for Service without Inurnment$230
Engrave Niche Door Front$180
Modify Niche Inscription$260
Engrave Date of Passing

Additional ItemsFee
Extra Tent and 12 chairs (Requires Set-up)$195
Surcharge for Less than 24 Hours Notice$260
Surcharge for Services after 3:00 pm$170
Surcharge for Saturday Service$240
Surcharge for Sunday Service$500
Surcharge for Holiday Service$675


1. The Standard Set-up includes 15ft. by 15ft. tent, 12 chairs with covers, and artificial turf cover of exposed soil.

2. There may be additional charges from the contractor for the cost of removing and replacing monuments that encroach into the grave space.

3. The cost of opening and closing a grave in another cemetery is not included in the price for disinterment; the actual cost will be set by the receiving cemetery.